SRA Designated Appraisers vs. Your Average Appraiser

sraDid you realize that all appraisers are NOT equally qualified and in fact, they’re far from it!

In today’s ever changing real estate market, it’s important you not only work with the most knowledgeable and experienced appraisers in your area but also the most qualified to help you make sound real estate decisions. When you hire an appraiser with an SRA designation you can rest assured that you’ve made a great choice.

SRA is a designation issued by the Appraisal Institute in which less than 1% of all appraisers nationwide have achieved this status. SRA’s primary focus is on residential appraisals and in order to obtain this designation, an appraiser must have considerably more education, training, and experience than the average appraiser. Generally, licensed and/or certified appraisers have the minimum level of qualifications needed to practice as an appraiser while SRA designated appraisers are at the top of the appraiser hierarchy.

Furthermore, SRA designated appraisers are known around the world for their knowledge, experience, and objective approach to real property appraisals and the analysis required to complete high quality reports. By utilizing the services of an SRA designated appraiser you’ll benefit from working with the most skilled and experienced appraisal professionals around.

Lenders, government agencies, courts, attorneys, investors, corporations, property owners, and more are continually looking to work with SRA designated appraisers to guide their real estate decisions because they know they are true professionals who are committed to the appraisal industry.

Achieving an SRA designation isn’t easy and holding this designation denotes a post-graduate level of achievement. And it doesn’t stop there, because for appraisers to maintain their SRA designation they must fulfill advanced continuing education requirements on an ongoing basis which include periodic attendance at and passing exams for Standards of Professional Practice courses.

This commitment to professionalism is what makes SRA designated appraisers the preferred choice for real estate appraisal and analysis services.

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